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Eskating cyclist, gamer and enjoyer of anime. Probably an artist. Also I code sometimes, pretty much just to mod titanfall 2 tho.

Introverted, yet I enjoy discussion to a fault.

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Spicy ramen
  • This post comes not only with what I want, but what I'll need.

  • Patlabor Day 2023 (by Aurora)
  • Yes. Posting cuz I recently watched it and loved it.

  • Office Lady (by Iwbitu)

    Artist: Iwbitu | pixiv | danbooru

    Full quality: .png 2 MB (1158 × 1637)


    Sketch! (by Polilla)

    Artist: Polilla | pixiv | danbooru

    Full quality: .png 4 MB (3423 × 3005)

    Izutsumi (by Fizzeru)
  • Happy cake day!

  • Patlabor Day 2023 (by Aurora)

    Artist: Aurora | pixiv

    Full quality: .jpg 6 MB (3100 × 2920)


    Lucifer (by Ataruman)

    Artist: Ataruman | pixiv

    Full quality: .jpg 1 MB (1778 × 2500)

    Izutsumi (by Fizzeru)
  • She is from Delicious in Dungeon. More of her and the series over on [email protected].

    Season 1 of the anime just wrapped.

  • Senshi
    Izutsumi (by Fizzeru)
  • ...bring her food? her and let her nap in your lap? her she's perfect and doesn't need fixing?

  • Hajime and Time Bomb

    Ina did a pre-sleep Suisei doodle
  • Within an hour?!

  • Kronyanyamenyanyajyuunyanyadono...

    Lunch (by Ommmyoh)
  • It's her actual name. Though depending on the translation, she can also be named "Launch".

  • Frieren (by Dino)

    Artist: Dino | twitter | danbooru

    Full quality: .jpg 2 MB (2168 × 1411)


    (by Polilla)

    Artist: Polilla | pixiv | danbooru

    Full quality: .png 7 MB (4784 × 6929)


    Shiori (by Taka T)

    Artist: Taka T | twitter | danbooru

    Full quality: .jpg 2 MB (1920 × 2200)


    Texas (by Franlol)

    Artist: Franlol | pixiv | artstation | deviantart | danbooru

    Full quality: .jpg 2 MB (2852 × 2595)

    Kroniichinya (clip)
  • Good cat.

  • Renner: betrays species so she can own a dude
  • "oh no, Climb, I've been corrupted by these evil demons, but you'll stay with me, right?"

  • Nom (by Dino)

    Artist: Dino | twitter | danbooru

    Full quality: .jpg 3 MB (2000 × 2725)

    POV: You're stuck in an elevator
  • She is pure weaponized cringe.

  • Surtr (by Dmith)
  • That's been my approach with all of them tbh.

    What's the point of spending on the games when the best part is all this wonderful character art??

  • Phos by @shycocoa
  • The characters in Land of the Lustrous are composed of living crystalline gemstones.

    This is Phos, or more precisely, phosphophyllite. They are a hydrated form of zinc phosphate, and forms a greenish-blue transparent crystal.

    The hair colors of the characters all correspond to the real-life crystal appearance of the corresponding gemstone. Dia (diamond) is white, Cinnabar (crystal mercury) is red, etc.

  • Phos by @shycocoa
  • Yup. Stuff happens.

  • Phos by @shycocoa
  • Gorgeous.

    Fingers crossed for a season 2.

  • [Hololive] ISHIGORO GOROGORO BIBOO TAX TAX @KosekiBijou Version
  • Can't have too many of these.

  • Namaste~🩷 [Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya]
  • So the toes wouldn't be hidden.

  • NSFW
    Kashino (by Kaerunoko)
  • Oh no!

    catbox does that sometimes, uploads "successfully" but then the link dun work

  • Entoma Vasilissa Zeta (by Hylran0427)
  • Overlord is full of gems. Can't wait for the movie to finally give CZ Delta some screen time.